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Smile Often Events will update our FAQ section often with questions that are asked by three or more clients. This helps us to help you make the best choices you can when researching an event planner/ coordinator.
1. How long have you been in the industry?
Smile Often Events LLC was founded in March 2011. Our owner, Sheena, has been planning and executing a variety of events on different scales since before she graduated high school in 2007.
2. How many events have you done?
Smile Often Events has taken anywhere from 3-5 events a week since 2011. Our full staff is trained both hands-on and off weekly on what to do in order to best serve each client.
3. Can you give me an example of when you had to be a quick thinker and advert disaster during a wedding or event that you planned?
A  particular bride wanted cutouts of states instead of table numbers therefore, we had to quickly go through lists of names on the seating charts to assist 80% of the guests in finding their seats. The cutouts were too small to be seen and there was not enough staff to assist over 100 people but we got it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Guests complimented our staff throughout the night and we even received gift baskets and thank you cards from a handful of guests that attended that night. 
4. Do you have a team that works under you?
We do. We keep a full staff at all times as some of our custom packagings include a certain minimum of bodies to assist at each event. 
5. What if you're sick, is there someone that will take your place in case of emergency?
We don't have an issue with staff becoming ill. We always encourage our staff to speak up when they are not well so that it doesn't spread to others. We take necessary precautions to ensure there are always staff knowledgable on every event in case a lead does happen to become ill or unavailable suddenly.
6. Do you have any preferred vendors that you work with?
We absolutely do! We take the time to meet and get to know all vendors we work with. You will find no pay-to-play here. This means when we refer you to a vendor it is because we know and trust them without kickbacks on that referral. This is how we keep our vendors honest and our company full of integrity. 
7. Do you plan any other events?
Absolutely! Our three main events that we pride ourselves on are Weddings, Anniversary, and Corporate events. However, the goal of Smile Often Events is to be home to everything you'll ever need for a celebration so we rarely say no to an event type. 
Don't forget! We also are able to assist the community with Munchies and special gatherings!
8. How many months from a wedding/event date should a planner be booked?
We highly recommend that you schedule a consultation with a planner ASAP and before you sign any contracts. Our whole purpose is to guide you so that you don't throw money and love out the window.
10. Could you help us with a wedding dinner rehearsal?
Yes! Most of our higher-end packages include this service whether needed or not so that we can make sure every detail is taken care of before you need to worry.
11. Does your company discriminate in any way?
Absolutely not! Our owner Sheena founded this company for celebrations. She has done extensive work to stand when others cannot. All are welcome here. All races, religions, cultures, everyone.
12. Is there anything that your company will not do?
 Smile Often Events does not participate in Political events/fundraiser nor the marriage of a minor to an adult.